Top Islands to Visit in South Australia

There’s something magical about islands, offering endless coastal views, incredible wildlife and a sense that you’ve escaped from everyday life. South Australia has a stunning selection of islands for visitors wanting to get away from it all, discover native flora and fauna or simply lie on sandy beaches all day long. Whether it’s a day trip or you’re looking for accommodation Kangaroo Island, there’s a wide selection of places to stay and things to do!

Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island

Probably South Australia’s most famous island, this is a major must see on the tourist trail wherever you’re coming from. With pristine white beaches, breathtaking sunsets and natural wonders at every step, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

The island has also enjoyed a blossoming food and wine culture in the last decade and visitors can now tour local wineries and eat at some of the country’s top restaurants. Accomodation ranges from sleeping under the stars to luxury five star resorts, meaning that there really is something for everyone here. The website has a wide range of KI accommodation.

Flinders Island

flinders island

Far smaller than Kangaroo Island, Flinders Island is no less of a paradise. It covers 9000 acres and has around 50 kilometres of coastline for visitors to drive along or stop off at. There are 15 white sandy beaches that’ll have you running into the surf, and if you look at to sea your likely to spot whole schools of dolphins. Fishing here is excellent and you can expect to catch tuna and salmon amongst others.

Granite Island

granite island

Situated just off Victor Harbour, Granite Island is in fact connected to the mainland by a causeway. You’ll still feel as though you’ve travelled back in time however and even more so if you decide to take the horse drawn tram for the journey. Granite Island is most famous for its colonies of ‘Little penguins’ and you’ll want to make sure you take a tour. Time your visit around the penguins, the best time to spot them is right around dusk

Thistle Island

thistle island

With direct flights taking only one hour from Adelaide, Thistle Island sits just 9 kilometres off the mainland. There’s a whole host of activities to enjoy here including clambering over huge rocks and exploring the dry limestone caves. You’ll find yourself outside in the fresh sea air from dawn until dusk. Definitely pack your binoculars for a trip to Thistle Island as the sea birds are everywhere and you’ll find endless animals on your travels.

Top Islands to Visit in Queensland

They’re the type of images that make you want to be on holiday the minute you see them. Crystal clear waters, pristine white sand and endless sky – they’re a regular sight on the 74 islands that lie off the coast of Queensland and between the Great Barrier Reef. Step into another world with this selection of tropical, paradise islands.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island

Most well known and therefore the most popular of the islands that lie off the coast of Queensland, Hamilton Island is the largest of the Whitsunday Islands. You’ll find everything here from five star resorts to eco lodges, and high end restaurants to golf courses. Although it’s a popular spot with honeymooners, Hamilton Island is also incredibly kid and family friendly with numerous activities including excellent water sports.

Orpheus Island

orpheus island

Relatively undiscovered by tourists, this island is situated a short distance from Townsville. It has almost 1500 hectares of bush meaning that the wildlife is impressive and abundant. For those wanting to relax, there are 30 beaches on the island and Orpheus Island benefits from secluded snorkeling spots on the outer barrier reef close by. For those wanting a day trip, head over to Fantome Island which was a former leper colony with a real sense of history.

Fraser Island

fraser island

This gem has the title of the world’s largest sand island. However it’s not just beaches that you can enjoy here as Fraser Island also has more than 100 fresh water lakes – for those of you not keen on saltwater. If you’re after a bit of an adrenaline rush, why not hire a four wheel drive and explore the terrain at a faster pace?

Heron Island

heron island

For diving enthusiasts, there really is no better spot in the whole of Australia. Within 15 minutes of the shore, divers can enjoy over 20 dive sites meaning they’ll be spoilt for choice and wanting to keep coming back for more. There’ll be tonnes to see beneath the sea – from reef sharks and rays to majestic turtles and eels.

You won’t be disappointed by island life in Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is famous across the world and the islands off the coast of Queensland offer the ideal point to explore from. Chances are that you won’t find it easy heading back to the mainland!